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School History

South/West Park Elementary School is a two-campus school that was created in 1992.  Initially is was housed on two campuses approximately 3/4 of a mile apart, but beginning in the fall of 2000 the two campuses shared the same lot, with South on Mt. Diablo Road housing grades 3-5 and the new West Park on the Mt. Oso Road housing grades K-2, as well as a state preschool.  During the 2001-2002 school year, South/West Park was consolidated to one CDS code and is now seen as one school by the state.

South School was constructed on Central Avenue at the present site of McDonald Park around 1919. The Southside, as it was commonly called, was a melting pot of first generation immigrants. South School served the community for 32 years before safety standards forced the institution to close.   The new South School was dedicated in November of 1951, and later became what is now known as South/West Park Elementary School.

West Park School was constructed in 1923 after the opening of Tracy's first home subdivision. The school was located on the corner of 10th Street and Tracy Boulevard, which was then the very western outskirts of town.  The original building was torn down and a new school was completed in 1961.  West Park School was later moved to the South School campus that is now known as South/West Park Elementary School.  It's original campus on 10th Street is now home to George and Evelyn Stein Continuation High School.